Fundraise Ideas for you to donate as we too wish to accomplish: To send a donation, you could call 734 896 0998 or send Venmo Account payment (@EunuchLife), maximum donation accepted is $10 per person per month to promote equality for our community members. We are asking donation only from Women, Children and Nonbinary as shelter and services are for them. 













We are repairing a tour bus and immediate approximate repair cost: $5000 

Tour bus maintenance and office space rent (combined cost): $500 per month

Furnishing immediate rotation shelter cost: $500

We are planning to buy apartment complex by May 2023 and approximate cost: 1,300,000.


Some of the Fundraise ideas I thought of are mentioned in the following:



Necklace, Bracelet, Wristbands with writing the word “Eunuch”.



Writing “Eunuch” and designing with hearts and angels. Handprint of children on a canvas design with the word "Eunuch" would be great since they would appreciate the life of an  "Eunuch".



Iron on letter or cricket machine or printing with printer and iron on the word “Eunuch”. 

However, modesty is core belief of a Eunuch. Therefore, design of the t shirt or dress should be up-to knee and loose fitting and every other way to celebrate modesty.



Tutoring/ rides to community members/ case management, emotional support/ babysitting/ care giver etc. 



walking to nearby destination instead of a car and saving gas money.


Save energy to save money. You can find out about DTE energy saving ideas. 


I believe your prayer, sacrifice and effort would mean a lot for our nonprofit as you would know how much sacrifice homeless people make everyday. We also believe donation should be equal from everyone regardless of age or ability and from women, children and nonbinary as the shelter would be for them. 

* I want to know your ideas that would permit you to sacrifice and donate too.