Promotion of the word Eunuch and trusting sacrifice: 



Necklace, Bracelet, Wristbands with writing the word “Eunuch”.



Writing “Eunuch” and designing with hearts and angels. Handprint of children on a canvas design with the word "Eunuch" would be great since they would appreciate the life of a "Eunuch".



Iron on letter or cricket machine or printing with printer and iron on the word “Eunuch”. 

However, modesty is core belief of a Eunuch. Therefore, design of the t shirt or dress should be up-to knee and loose fitting and every other way to celebrate modesty.



Walking to nearby destination instead of a car. Not using AC when not needed etc. would give opportunity to know life of a homeless. There could be many other opportunities to sacrifice and we would be happy to hear your ideas. 

My sincere and tearful request:

Be eunuch and be the unique child who wants to be, a forever child, which is to change the world for better and oppose oppression. 

Choose modesty in every aspect of life and it is a right and a responsibility of a Eunuch.

Speak and act EUNUCH. Even if I took the word from scripture, I don’t believe in church hypocrisy. 

If anyone wishes this life, they can think of genetic cloning if they wish to raise a child and it would maintain the purity of our hearts and enable us to be an appropriate parent and a community member. It would make our children proud of our extraordinary choice and it would surely end division in the world and bring equality.

Thank you for your time to read petitions (  and                                            and for your extraordinary step to sign it.